Apple is trading about 15% below the all-time

Apple’s fortune is getting lemons as its shares are getting 10% down this year 2022 and now Apple trading 15% below than before.

On Wednesday, new iPhone versions has been released with the very high expectations for a green light for Apple's stock.

According to analysts, the earning per share would 9% this year along with the ability to generate $392.5 billion in sales.

Apple always been listed as one of the world’s most worthy corporations with market capitalization of $2.5 trillion.

It also makes a big profit bag from its beneficial services unit, iCloud subscriptions, Apple TV+, Apple Music, and other perks which is only available for iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

Chief investment officer of ACM Funds, Jordan Kahn, who also owns Apple in the ACM Dynamic Opportunity Fund spoke about Apple.

 "All the hoopla around the iPhone 14 upgrade cycle should help Apple in the short-term," he said.

Apple anticipates for this next iPhone release with our estimates that 240 million of 1 billion iPhone users worldwide have not upgraded their phones in over 3.5 years

According to 2021s data, Apple's net income is  US$94.68 billion with a revenue of US$365.82 billion.