Bank of America first time home buyer program

New York City taxi drivers finally got relief from their hunger strike for fifteen days. 

The taxi workers came to an agreement with Mayor Bill de Blasio to slash thousands of dollars from medallion owners’ loans. 

The medallions were once meant for the drivers to get some profit  from their cabs.

But some ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have cut off some part of their profit in past years.

“I’m going to be enslaved for the rest of my life,” driver Mohamadou Aliyu said.

Loans are going to be reduced to a max amount of $170,000 with a city-backed guarantee and a contrast from city’s original plan.

“No more debt beyond our lifetime, No more risk of losing homes.” Many tweets were posted to thank BoA.

“Taxi workers have worked tirelessly to make New York City the most vibrant city in the world, and we refuse to leave them behind,” de Blasio said in a statement. 

Dozens of drivers participated to get this victory along with  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and actor Kal Penn in the hunger strike and camping outside City Hall.