Copa di Vino net Worth and Income

Copa di Vino is a Wine Company in the United States making premium wine by the glass.

The Net worth of Copa di Vino is more than $70 million today and Copa Di Vino is the second-largest winemaking company in the world.

James Martin is the founder and owner of this company he is from a farmer's Oregon family Copa di Vino’s Revenue is $20 Million.

When James rode a bullet train through the south of France came up with the idea of making Copa di Vino.

Copa Di Vino was made to get rid of the need for these other accessories because many people like to drink wine on their journey.

Through the Company Copa di Vino James has dealt with big stores like Walmart and sells thousands of cups of wine each month.

The business of Copa di Vino was already successful but for publicity, James Came to ABC’s show shark tank.

After the first show aired and just 12 months Copa Di Vino had sold $5 million worth which was a big deal.

James needed money to grow the brand and get more stock and pitched his idea to the Sharks, Kevin O'Leary made an exciting offer.

 The company makes wine glasses with the wine because they complete the need for glasses during the time of drinking wine.