Elon Musk Disney not buying Twitter

Elon Musk has been attempting to back out of his bid to buy Twitter for 44 billion, he has claimed that fake users on the site should allow him to renege on the deal.

Elon musk's full name is Elon Reeve Musk he is the CEO of Tesla Motors. He is one of the Richest men and his issues are active on social media Day by Day.

Bob Iger who is the Former Disney CEO says the company found “that's a substantial portion” of Twitter's users “not real” When Disney considered buying Twitter in 2016.

Bob Iger says “ It would be an excellent way to distribute Disney’s content around the world”.

On March 14 Elon Musk bought 9.2 shares of Twitter i.e. he has 73.5 million shares of Twitter.

When the news of Musk’s investment in Twitter stock went up in the market and musk’s wealth increased a bit so Twitter raised the share price further.

The company’s share price was at $ 33 on march 11 and now the price of a share is close to $47.

Price and Shares of Twitter.

The biggest Leads and Policymakers Are active on Twitter, Now what if it is not in Hands of anyone Truth?

Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco USA and Twitter’s CEO is Parag Agrawal.

Who is the CEO of Twitter?