Matt Lafleur Net Worth

Matt LaFleur is a former football player who is currently a head coach of Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay Packers hold the team value of $4.25 billion and are ranked at #15 on the Forbes NFL Valuation List 2022.

Throughout many years of his life experience, he gained an estimated net worth of $7 million this year 2022.

In his fourth year guiding GBP ,his annual salary is reported $5 million.

 LaFleur was born on November 3, 1979, in Mount Pleasant, Michigan United states.

Before Green Bay Packers he used to be an Offensive coordinator for Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans 

He began his career with playing in indoor football teams Omaha Beef in 2003 and Billings Outlaws in 2004

Under the guidence of Matt,  Aaron Rodgers won NFL's MVP awards three times.

He married his college mate BreAnne Maak with whom he have two sons, Luke and Ty.