Owner of Tesla and Net worth

Elon Musk is the owner of Tesla Company, Elon is a naturalized American business magnate and investor and he is the CEO of this company.

Tesla is an American multinational automotive and clean energy company, this particular company manufactures and designs electric vehicles.

The Company was founded  by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 2003, The company was incorporated as Tesla Motors.

Coming to its key persons Telsa key persons are Robyn Denholm (Chair) and Elon Musk is the(CEO) of thisCompany.

Tesla's largest individual shareholder is Elon Musk, he owns 163.58 million shares representing 15.66% of the stock.

In the first quarter of 2022, Tesla registered a revenue of $16.93 billion. There is an increase of 42% year-over-year.

2004 was the year when Musk led the Series A round of investment he invested $6.5 million in this company and become the chairman of Telsa.

In 2022 Elon Musk Net worth is approximately estimated at around, 25,050 crores USD which is tremendous.

Elon played an active role in this company and oversaw Roadster product design he really worked hard with this company.