Peter Tuchman Net Worth and Income

Peter Tuchman is an American stock exchanger on the New York Stock Exchange who was born in 1958.

Peter Tuchman is also known as the "most photographed trader on Wall Street".

Peter Tuchman estimated net worth as of the year 2022 is $1.5 Billion.

Peter Tuchman is also referred to as the "The Pit Bull of Wall Street" due to his aggressive trading style.

Peter Tuchman is married to Lise Zumwalt Tuchman with whom he had two kids.

Benjamin Tuchman and Lucy Tuchman are the kids of Peter Tuchman.

Shoshana Itzkovich and Marcel Tuchman are the parents of Peter Tuchman.

Peter Tuchman has completed his education in economics and agriculture at the University of Massachusetts. 

Peter Tuchman's largest trade till now is the 10 million shares & aims to trade a couple of hundred million dollars of stock.