RA International Group PLC Owner and Net Worth

RA International Group PLC serves worldwide customers. head office placed in the UAE.

It leading provider of services to in Africa and the Mid East and the Company offers civil and general construction, training camps, and waste management facilities.

Sangita Shah is the Chair of the company She is the non-executive Chair of AIM traded Bilby plc, and she also held senior roles within blue chip organizations.

 Soraya Narfeldt is the CEO of the company she is the advocate and supporter and procurement and other services to US multinationals, various UN agencies, and other western governments.

Lars Narfeldt is the Coo of the PLC, Andrew Bolter is the CFO, Alec Carstairs, Philip Haydn-Slater, and Ian Henderson is the NED, of the PLC group.

RA International Group PLC group’s geographical segments include Africa and Majority revenue from Africa.

The net income of  RA International Group PLC is $32.08m and 1.16k employee work under PLC Group.

 The Company serves governments, humanitarian organizations, and commercial sectors, such as mining, and oil and gas.

The revenue of the  RA International Group PLC is $54.6m. PLC group operates home structures, building structures,s and road designs for clients.