Sig Hansen Net Worth

Sig Hansen is a Captain on the Northwestern fishing vessel and a reality television star also calls them Captain sin, Hansen.

Sig Hansen was born on Apr 28, 1966, in Seattle Washington to a family of fishermen and Now he is 56 years old.

Sig Hansen 's Age

Sig Hansen has a net worth of $4 million his Monthly income is approx $4,00,000 and his monthly income is $32,000.

Sig Hansen 's Net Worth

Sig Hansen is best known for appearing on the reality TV show Deadliest Catch since the series debut, he is also Author, Voice Actor, and Actor.

In 2015 during the NBC reality hit shows, Sig also joined Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump.

He also earns a salary of $500 thousand per season on Deadliest Catch.

An award he got from Discovery Channel for having the vessel with the greatest number of captured king crabs.

Through his career as Captain of a fishing vessel, author of a best-selling book, and personal and TV appearances.

His parents are Sverre Hansen, and Snefryd Hansen. Sig has been married 2 times After marrying his second wife, Sig Hansen adopted two daughters.