What are MLM Companies?

MLM companies are based upon the network marketing business modules which profit from a new registration. It is also known as network marketing.

They earn their revenue from the sales of their actual products and services through a large network.

Each member of this network can see himself as an independent business owner and a network marketer.

Members sell the products of the company to get profit and extra income via new member recruitment.

MLM companies can be referred to as a Pyramid scheme in which the brand company gets profit from the network sales and the richest one on the top.

Amway is one of the richest companies of MLM which produce healthcare and beauty homecare products with the Revenue of $8.8 billion

Distributor’s salary is fixed by the MLM plan, Genealogy, and commission scheme that the company used to follow.

Jeunesse is counted as the second largest company by the revenue of $8 billion with the product distribution of personal care and wellness products.

Natura, Isagenix, Herbalife Nutrition, Vorwerk, Avon, Coway, Infinitus, and Mary Kay are the other top MLM companies.