What Companies are In the Capital Goods Field?

Ford Motor

The Ford Motor company sells commercial vehicles and automobiles, along with the Ford brand

TD Ameritrade

It offers an electronic trading platform for preferred stocks, common stocks, funds, futures contracts, mutual funds, options, cryptocurrency, and fixed-income investments.

Union Pacific

Union Pacific deals with the transportation and logistics industry that creates chemicals, coal, automotive products, agricultural products, and intermodal products.

General Electric

It serves aviation, power, renewable energy, and health care. GE also operates transportation, appliances and lighting, GE capital, and more.


Honeywell provides services of aerospace products, and automotive, chemical, and services control technologies.

Lockheed Martin

It offers services in various sectors such as military support, aerospace, security, and technology


It sells rotorcraft, airplanes, satellites, rockets, telecommunications equipment, and missiles worldwide.


3M offers various kinds of customer goods such as sealants, separation tapes( coated, non-woven, and bonded abrasives), adhesives( advanced ceramics), and purification products.


ABB Limited works in the energy, mining, and utility industry and produces circuit breakers, switches, control products, cable systems, and other electronic equipment.


Caterpillar Inc. also known as shortly CAT. CAT especially works on the products of construction and mining