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Jeff Bezos

Chief Executive Officer and founder of Amazon


Owner with 9.8% shares

Jeff founded amazon on 5 July 1994 naming it as Cadabra.

Initially Amazon was an online bookstore and now its a world's largest e-commerce company with 1,608,000 employees.

Jeff named his company "Amazon" after the Amazon River in South America.

Jeff Bezos and Andrew Jassy discovered an idea of  cloud computing platform" Amazon Web Services" along with .(2003)

In Jassy got promotion for CEO of the entire company on July 5, 2021 and replaced Jeff.

Jeff Bezos is the second wealthies person with the net worth of US$159 billion after Elon Musk.

He is also a founder of aerospace company Blue Origin and Bezos Expeditions.

Amazon has a net income of US$33.364 billion along with the revenue of  US$469.822 billion as per last year 2021.

It has total assets of US$420.549 billion with total equity of  US$138.245 billion.