Who is the Owner of the LA Chargers?

American professional football team LA Chargers is also known as San Diego Chargers. 

LA Chargers were originated in LA and their first entry debut is known to be in 1959 at American Football League (AFL).

 On August 14, 1959, Barron Hilton gave a new birth a franchise for Los Angeles. In 1960 the roasters of The Chargers won AFL Western division championship. 

Alex Spanos was an American real estate billionaire businessman owned the sports franchise “ LA Chargers ” along with the A. G. Spanos Companies.

Chargers appeared in fifteen Division championships in AFL and AFC West, one Conference championship, and one AFL championship.

Alex's son Dean Spanos became the face of the family along with the title of owner and chairman of the LA Chargers 

Brandon John Staley is the Head Coach of the team and former quarterbacks coach for the Carolina Panthers.

Professional football executive Tom Telesco is the general manager of the Los Angeles Chargers and former Vice President of Football Operations.

According to Forbes data, LA Chargers is valued at $3.875 billion along with a revenue of $491 million