How to Delete Linkedin Account-Steps

First of all, you need to log in to your account with your correct username along with its password. Click on login and access Linkedin’s homepage.

Step 1: Log In 

Click on your profile icon which will be located on the top entitled as “Me”.

Step 2: Open profile 

You have to click on the profile icon you will see some bars. Now go to accounts then go settings and privacy.

Step 3: Settings

You have to select the Account Preferences bar to reach Account Management.

Step 4: Account Management

Click on “Change” and choose a reason for closing your account and you can describe why you want to delete your account. 

Step 5: Close Account

You have to re-enter your password again to delete your account and now your account is deleted.

Linkedin provides a time period of 14 days to login to recover your deleted account in any case if you have changed your mind. 

How to recover Deleted Linkedin Account ?

Deleted account will take some 2-3 weeks to disappear your public profile from all search engines.

Why is my Account still visible ?

If you are facing some issues you can simply contact LinkedIn's customer services.

How to contact LinkedIn for help?