Former Owner of Virgin Records

Record Label Virgin Records is originally a British independent record label that is currently owned by multinational music company Universal Music Group.

One of the biggest selling records have signed many deals with many known music clubs, companies and individuals such as Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones, Spice Girls and Taylor Swift

Richard Branson was the former owner of the legendary UK record label Virgin Records.

In 1992 this record was purchased in for a billion dollars by EMI Records which is owned by the Universal Music Group

EMI Records (UK) is also a distributor of Virgin Records throughout the world along with Capitol Music Group (US) and Universal Music Distribution.

Richard used to sell records named Virgin Mail Order in the Student magazine in 1970. Later Virgin Record born as a music store on Oxford Street in London.

After selling the his record label Richard wept with sadness and went back to London.

“I, literally, I did have tears streaming down my face," Branson said in an interview after selling his record label.

He considered the decision as a necessity as he need to think about his 80,000 employees.