Record Label Virgin Records is originally a British independent record label that is currently owned by the multinational music company Universal Music Group. It was started as a mail-order record retailer and co-founded by Richard Branson, Simon Draper, Nik Powell, and Tom Newman in 1972.

One of the biggest selling records has signed many deals with many known music clubs, companies, and individuals such as Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Devo, Tangerine Dream, Genesis, Phil Collins, OMD, the Human League, Culture Club, Simple Minds, Lenny Kravitz, Mike Oldfield, Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones, Spice Girls, and Taylor Swift.

In 1992 this record was purchased in for a billion dollars by EMI Records which is owned by the Universal Music Group since 2012 and continued to operate as an imprint of it.

EMI Records (UK) is also a distributor of Virgin Records throughout the world along with Capitol Music Group (US) and Universal Music Distribution.

Former Owner of Virgin Records
Former Owner of Virgin Records

About the Former Owner of Virgin Records

Richard Branson was the former owner of the legendary UK record label Virgin Records. Richard used to sell records named Virgin Mail Order in the Student magazine in 1970. Later Virgin Records was born as a music store on Oxford Street in London.
The first album of Virgin Records was ‘Tubular Bells’ by member Artist Mike Oldfield. It was the initiative of the Virgin Group and now it has more than 40 Virgin companies all over the world in 35 countries.

After selling his record label in June 1992 to Thorn EMI for a huge amount of US$1 billion which is worth around £560 million, Richard wept with sadness and went back to London. In a podcast by Guy Raz,” How I Built This” Richard got interviewed in which he told about his thoughts after losing Virgin Record. “I, literally, I did have tears streaming down my face. Then I ran past a sign that said, ‘Branson sells for a billion.’ I thought, ‘I hope no photographer is going to catch me running past this sign with tears streaming down my face.’ It looked very, very strange.” He said and considered the decision under necessity as he need to think about his 80,000 employees

Former Owner of Virgin Records
Former Owner of Virgin Records

List of Subsidiary labels of Virgin Records

Virgin Records also runs other music labels as a parent such as

  • Charisma Records
  • Venture Records
  • 10 Records
  • Siren Records
  • Circa Records
  • Immortal Records
  • Caroline Records
  • Front Line Records
  • Dindisc
  • Noo Trybe Records
  • Delabel

About The Virgin Records

Label NameVirgin Records
Current OwnerUniversal Music Group
Founder Richard Branson
Simon Draper
Nik Powell
Tom Newman

Record Logo

Former Owner of Virgin Records
Former Owner of Virgin Records

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