You can’t expect less from the wealthiest person in this world. The AI group has shown off at the end of September on AI day this year. Tesla Optimus or Tesla Bot is another device that is prepared to get launched.

Tesla introduced several prototypes of his fully innovative humanoid robot, Optimus on the last Friday, 30 September. It was the curious and amazing announcement of the last month. Finally, after a year of speculation Tesla CEO Elon Musk has presented a person in a robot suit.

Many roboticists appeared in the live stream event to get shocked to see humanoid robotics. There were diverse reactions from the robotic communities. According to experts, Robots need the expertise of both software and hardware, and Tesla’s robot has a well future potential.

What Robotics Experts Think about Tesla Robots?

  • Founding Board Member, Women in Robotics, Cynthia Yeung says that she liked the expression of humility and cool actuators and simulators. But she didn’t like the Optimus cost < [US] $20k.
  • Principal Technical Program Manager, Amazon Robotics, Mikell Taylor says that there is no “doing it first” as they can 1:1 replace people.
  • “My take on the Tesla Bot: You’re not as good as you think you are. You’re also not as bad as they think you are,” Director of Robotics and AI, Amazon,
    Siddhartha Srinivasa.
  • Brandon Rohrer, Machine Learning Engineer, LinkedIn, has seen congratulated the Tesla team for the quick assembly of the Optimus prototype. “I’m delighted to see such an ambitious robot project in the world! But it doesn’t help the field of robotics to over-promise. We already tried this in the ’80s, and it took us 30 years to recover,” Rohrer said.
  • “What I didn’t see last night was vision.” Author, Rebooting AI, Gary Marcus says.
  • “I am impressed by what the engineers achieved for this prototype in a year, ” Georgia Chalvatzaki, Assistant Professor, Technische Universität Darmstadt, said.
  • Kate Darling, the Research Specialist at  MIT Media Lab, said, “The sense I’m getting is that Optimus isn’t as bad as people thought”

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