Once in your life, Burger King has large fast food chains all around the world with its menu of their hamburgers. You must be wondering about some free burgers and Burger King will bring your dream to reality with an amazing card like the Crown Card to get fries, Whoppers, and burgers for a lifetime.

For 68 years, only a few people got these special cards as gifts for BK’s endless free food. According to Readers Digest, only 12 people hold the Crown Cards on the current date. According to AdAge, these super lucky people and celebrities have a “long-standing and amazing relationship” with the Burger King but not each person can get this card.

According to Mental Floss, Hugh Laurie is one of those VIP card holders. Jennifer Hudson also holds the Burger King Crown Card and has previously worked at the fast food joint.


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According to Reader’s Digest, movie director George Lucas’s wallet also has a slot for BK Crown Card. He appeared cross-promoting through “Star Wars,” for the restaurant chain.

Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns first opened this franchise and they brought Insta-Burger Broiler to make more delicious hamburgers. It provides sweets, fries, chicken fries, chicken and veg burgers, sandwiches, platters, Burritos, coffee, flame-grilled burgers, and many more on the BK menu.

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