Wawa, Inc. opened up about their new plans to launch convenience stores and gas stations throughout Southern and Coastal Georgia by 2024. They also have some plans to open additional 20 stations in the upcoming years. After opening one store in the peach state, they will move ahead as per their planning.

On Wednesday, this announcement has been done by the Pennsylvania-based company following the chain’s success. In other southern states such as Alabama and Florida, Wawa Plans has reached great growth.  It is reported that more stations will be open in the same in North Carolina.

“Our continued expansion plans will allow us to reach more customers with our quality fresh food, beverages, and community support friends and neighbors,” Wawa executive of real estate, John Poplawski, said in a statement. “Expanding to Georgia is a natural extension from the Florida Panhandle, and we look forward to serving more communities along the East Coast.”

The United States holds a total of 978 stores of Wawa Company except for North Carolina and Georgia and it will open 54 new stores by the end of the year 2022. The new store location in Georgia hasn’t been specified yet.

Meanwhile, the American regional fast food restaurant chain, Whataburger, already have opened many stores in the state’s capital.

Wawa has been founded in 1803 in New Jersey and hooked in the eastern United States for more than ten years. It has located in several famous locations in the country. Including stores in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. It is currently headquartered in the Philadelphia suburbs.

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