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Yalla is a popular voice-centric social networking and entertainment platform in MENA. Yalla features live voice chat rooms that function as an online version of majlis or cafés, where people spend their leisure time in casual chats.

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Yalla Group Ltd. was founded in the year 2016. Yalla Group Ltd., headquartered in UAE.

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Company Name Yalla Group Ltd
Official Website YALLA GROUP
CEO Tao Yang
Founded 2016
Director Saifi Ismail
Headquarters  United Arab Emirates
Building 16, Dubai Internet City Dubai
 Customer Care
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Yalla Group Ltd.
Yalla Group Ltd.
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Yalla brings traditional majlis online and features voice chat rooms where people can spend their leisure time chatting casually. Yalla Ludo resembles a family living room where family members and friends play board games that are highly popular in MENA, such as Ludo and Domino.

The Shareholders of Yalla Group Ltd are Susquehanna Investment Group LLC, Millennium Management LLC, Wellington Management Co. LLP, Renaissance Technologies LLC, Abaris Investment Management AG, Global X Management Co. LLC, Nebula Research & Development LLC, Penserra Capital Management LLC, Cubist Systematic Strategies LLC, Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC (Private)

Tao Yang, current CEO of Yalla Group Ltd.

Saifi Ismail, current Director of Yalla Group Ltd.

  • Details of the Company

Yalla Group Limited is a holding company. The Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, and entertainment platform in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Yalla UAE functions as its primary business operation center and engages in sales, marketing, customer service, and other business operations. Hangzhou Yale performs technology and product development functions. Shenzhen Moov primarily performs marketing and financial reporting functions.

  • Customer care

Contract number:

  • +86-571-8980-7962



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