Accounts of many people have been cleared in the new 5G scam. The Hyderabad Cyber Crime Wing has now issued a warning about a new fraud that is currently taking place. Hyderabad Police has now urged the public to exercise caution. Indeed, Prime Minister Modi launched India’s 5G mobile network last week at the Indian Mobile Congress 2022.

In addition, Airtel has started offering its Airtel 5G Plus service to its users in eight of the nation’s largest cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Nagpur, and Varanasi. In addition, Reliance Jio has begun beta testing 5G services in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and Varanasi.

As individuals are energized to undertake the speed and control of 5G on their 5G phones, the Hyderabad Cyber ​​Crime Wing has cautioned individuals about modern extortion that’s as of now underway.

According to ABPlive (Telugu) reports, within the title of 5G, fraudsters are focusing on guiltless individuals. What’s terrifying is that complaints have to been recorded by numerous clients of losing cash from their bank accounts after clicking on the joins gotten on their phones.

How do the accounts get cleared in the wake of 5G?

A few scammers are sending an interface to users’ phones inquiring clients to overhaul from 4G to 5G organize. Individuals are clicking on this connection with eagerness considering that it is an official message but, in reality, through this connection, cybercriminals are not as it was hacking the phone but moreover taking information.

The report said, once the offenders get to know the phone number connected to the bank account, after clicking on the connect, they are blocking the phone number and swapping the SIM, coming about in individuals utilizing their claim phone numbers. Losing get to SIM and numerous individuals are too losing cash since of this. Numerous clients have detailed that cybercriminals have taken control of their phones.

How to avoid 5G SIM fraud?

A warning has been issued by the Cyber ​​Wing for the users to not click on any texts or links from an unknown variety or sender that claims to “Switch from 4G to 5G”. Check the information by visiting the official website of the SIM provider or calling the help center of your SIM company.

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