Who is the owner of Simmtronics India - Wiki and Logo
Who is the owner of Simmtronics India - Wiki and Logo

Simmtronics, a manufacturer of semiconductors. Know more about the owner of Simmtronics and Company more information. Simmtronics Semiconductors Limited manufactures and supplies Memory modules, Motherboards, Tablet Pc, Graphics Cards, LED Monitors, Pen drives, Micro SD Card and Hard Disk Drive to Computer manufacturers such as HP, IBM, LG, Samsung, and Acer. Etc. The company has 5 manufacturing facilities with 3 located in India and the others in Dubai and Singapore. Simmtronics Semiconductors’ corporate office is located in New Delhi.

About the owner of Simmtronics

To get started, Indrajit Sabharwal took a loan of Rs 1 lakh from the Bank of India, beefed it up with his savings, and bought a small office at New Friends Colony in Delhi. Indrajit hired a couple of hands and set up shop. They started by selling memory modules and Dynamic Random Access Memory technology to companies like Tulip Telecomm, working their way up to clients like HCL, LG, and Sahara.

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Company Name Simmtronics
Founder Inderjit Sabharwal
Founded  1994
Official Website www.simmtronics.co.in

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Who is the owner of Simmtronics India - Wiki and Logo
Who is the owner of Simmtronics India – Wiki and Logo

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After acquiring an engineering degree from Pune University, Indrajit bagged a Rs 1,500-a-month job with ICL UK (now Fujitsu ICIM), a Pune-based company. During his stint there, he notched up three part-time management degrees. In 1991, Sabharwal shifted to Delhi, job-hopped twice, working up the pecking order in Comptech and International Data Corporation, before finally deciding to turn into an entrepreneur.

In January 1992, he launched a small consultancy, SI Consultants, with barely Rs 10,000. Indrajit took a bank loan to buy a computer, hire three employees, and we were in business. Henceforth, over the next eight months, he worked with the likes of Modi Lufthansa, Xerox, HP Digital, and Sahara Airlines on business development and IT solutions, earning nearly Rs 30 lakh.

By 1994, Indrajit had picked up the nuances of the business and found himself tired of selling Kingston in India. By all means, he felt it to be the time riped to launch his own brand of memory modules, and Simmtronics Semiconductors was born in April 1994.

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Simmtronics Semiconductors, one of the leading brands in the memory module, motherboards, and VGA cards business; ranked amidst Top 5 memory companies in the world and also ranked as the No. 1 memory module company in Asia-Pacific among a few other countries announced that it has recently conducted a mega-channel activation program in Iran, Simmtronics has been successfully selling memory products in Iran for the past three years. Simmtronics is headquartered in New Delhi, India.

Who is the owner of Simmtronics India - Wiki and Profile
Who is the owner of Simmtronics India – Wiki and Profile

Lately, as per the international trend, the demand for laptop memory has shown decent traction in Iran. Indeed, Simmtronics recognizes this as an important opportunity and is striving to tap the same through its dedicated channel network. Besides this, the replacement and upgrade market in Iran has also grown tremendously.

An increase in the adoption of heavier applications by businesses calls for higher memory. Eventually fuelled replacement and upgrades to a new high. This business is as big as that of a new purchase for Simmtronics in Iran.

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