Owner of Tatra Vectra Motors Ltd -Wiki - Logo - profile
Owner of Tatra Vectra Motors Ltd -Wiki - Logo - profile

Tatra Vectra Motors Limited is an Indian truck manufacturing company. Know more about the owner of Tatra Vectra Motors Ltd and other Company information. Tatra Vectra Motors, Manufacturer of trucks in India. Tatra truck is a truck-building joint venture in India between Tatra and Vectra groups.

  • About the owner of Tatra Vectra Motors

Owner of Tatra Vectra Motors ltd -Wiki
Owner of Tatra Vectra Motors Ltd -Wiki

Tatra began its operation in India through a joint venture called Tatra Vectra Motors Ltd for the manufacturing of trucks. Erstwhile called, Tatra Trucks India Ltd. It is a joint venture between Tatra and the Vectra Group from England. Later in 2009, Vectra came up with a new joint venture with Russia’s Kamaz to form Kamaz Vectra Motors Limited.

In the operation to manufacture Kamaz trucks in India. Eventually, it replaced the former Tatra Vectra venture. Tatra’s manufacturing plant is located in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

The fully integrated manufacturing facility includes an engine assembly and testing plant, a frame fabrication shop, a cabin welding shop, and a test track. Moreover, the maximum number of Tatra trucks sold in India are manufactured along with Bharat Earth Movers Limited.

The Vectra Group entered the truck-making business in 1993, picking up a stake in Czech company Tatra,” Rishi told ET on Sunday. That stake was not a controlling one and Tatra continued to change hands.

In 2001, the Czech government sold Tatra to US-based SDC International, an investment company, which in turn sold a 40% stake to Terex, an American manufacturing equipment company. Between 2001 and 2006, Tatra swung between meager profits and losses even as Terex was acquired.

Less than a fortnight after he was elected chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler turned up for his first major public function: the opening of the Berlin Auto Show on February 11, 1933. After spending time in the stands of German brands like Daimler and BMW, Hitler headed to the stands of a Czechoslovakian company called Tatra.

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Company Name  Tatra Vectra Motors Ltd
Official Website  www.tatratrucks.com
Founder / Owner  Ignác Šustala
Founded  1850
Chairman  René Matera


 Customer Care
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Owner of Tatra Vectra Motors Ltd -Wiki - Logo - profile
Owner of Tatra Vectra Motors Ltd -Wiki – Logo
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Ignác Šustala, the maker of the company. Namely, “Ignatz Schustala & Comp” on the premises of Kopřivnice, Moravia. The company started its production of horse-drawn vehicles in 1850. Later, in 1891 it moved into, the manufacturing of railroad cars. eventually naming the company “Nesselsdorfer Wagenbau-Fabriksgesellschaft“. Further, he employed Hugo Fischer von Roeslerstamm as technical director in 1890. Following the death of Šustala, von Roeslerstamm took over the ownership of the company.

And in 1897 he bought the Benz automobile. Using this, the company made its first car, the Präsident, under the influence of engineers Edmund Rumpler and Hans Ledwinka, which was exhibited in 1897 in Vienna. In effect, Orders were obtained for more cars, and until 1900, nine improved cars based on Präsident were made.

  • Supervisory Board

  • Chairman

René Matera

  • Other Members

Jaroslav Strnad

Jiří Krutílek

  • Board of Directors

Petr Rusek

  • Vice-Chairman

Radek Strouhal
Radomír Smolka

  • Members

Ronny B. Bonsen

  • Details of the Company

In fact, Vectra consists of diverse companies operating in various business domains across the world. Notably, the core businesses of Vectra are aviation, engineering, material handling and construction equipment, automotive, information technology, and the services sector.

Vectra exercises its operation predominantly in India and Europe, covering more than 12 companies. In addition to the manufacturing facilities in India. Moreover, Vectra has offices or investments in Slovak Republic,  Georgia, Czech Republic, France & Singapore.

For fear that Tatra has been accused by the Indian Army chief General VK Singh in an attempt to bribe him to clear a tranche of 600 Tatra trucks for purchase. The CBI has registered an FIR on the Tatra deal and has questioned NRI businessman Ravi Rishi (see the profile on the facing page), the chief of the Vectra Group, which has a controlling stake in Tatra Trucks. Since 1986, the Indian Army has bought over 7,000 Tatra trucks.

Third oldest in the world is another factor holding the reputation of the company.

TATRA has been manufacturing cars since 1897 and is the oldest automotive factory in Central Europe.

Owner of Tatra Vectra Motors Products -Wiki
Owner of Tatra Vectra Motors Products -Wiki

Unique chassis is another key attribute of Tatra trucks.  The unique chassis notion has been endlessly bettered since 1923 – and until today successfully replicated by no one.

Finally, TATRA-stamped trucks, based effectively on the Tatra design notion, were hitherto not effectually imitated by anyone. Nonetheless, heavy trucks out of Koprivnice, are renowned for their go-anywhere ability in most arduous terrains under severe weather conditions, high reliability, and excellent utility assets. TATRA counters both glacial weather and aberrantly high desert temperatures.

  • Tatra Vectra Motors Limited customer care

All department contact numbers

  • Sales+420 556 492 180
  • Spare parts+420 556 493 176
  • Purchasing+420 556 494 152
  • Service+420 556 494 679
  • Service school+420 556 492 365
  • Press service+420 602 494 208
  • Human Resources+420 556 492 492
  • Quality Control+420 556 492 35

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