Tulip Telecom Ltd, a  data connectivity service provider Company. Know about the Founder information and full wiki of Tulip Telecom Company. Know more about the owner of Tulip Telecom and Company more information. Tulip Telecom Ltd., incorporated in the year 1992, is a Mid Cap company operating in the Telecommunications sector and providing IT solutions to most industries.

  • About the owner of Tulip Telecom

Owner of Tulip Telecom India - Wiki and profile
Owner of Tulip

Tulip Telecom was incorporated in the year 1992. The company headquarters is located in Delhi. The company was launched by Lt Col Hardeep Singh Bedi. Who was an ex-army man? He served in the Indian army for 22 years. Later, Lt Col HS Bedi took voluntary retirement and founded his company Tulip IT Services. Then renamed Tulip Software Pvt Ltd, in 1994. And presently, it is known as Tulip Telecom Ltd.

  • About the Tulip Telecom

Company Name Tulip Telecom Ltd
Founder  Lt Col Hardeep Singh Bedi
Founded  July 2, 1992
Official Website www.tulip.in (Not Working)
Head Office Delhi, India
Current Address
C-160 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I,
New Delhi, 110020
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Who is the owner of Tulip Telecom India - Wiki and Logo
Who is the owner of Tulip Telecom India – Wiki and Logo
  • Details of the owner of Tulip Telecom(Wiki)

H. S. Bedi, the chairman and Managing director of Tulip was a former Indian colonel and current businessman. Moreover, he started his company with 4 employees as a software re-seller in New Delhi.

Important to realize, the company explored the field of network integration and implemented the world’s largest wireless network in Mallapuram, Kerala. Significantly, on exploring the field of wireless communication, MPLNS/VPN was developed. He is also active on the World Economic Forum.

  • Details of the Company

Tulip communications hold the fame of India’s largest MPLS VPN player and the runner-up in handling and managing remote wide area networks for various industry vendors. Nevertheless, they provide the largest real-time network in India. It provides domestic connectivity solutions, namely MPLS/VPN services. Other features indeed include Ethernet private line over the SDH network, and SSL VPN(a hosted solution that provides security services for customer applications). MPLNS/VPN helps especially in international communications too.

The company strengthened its leadership position by implementing end-to-end fiber connectivity in all Indian metro cities. Tulip Telecom made its debut, owing to work on numerous projects for the Government of India’s National e-Governance Plan. Still, tulip mainly handles three modes of its enterprise customers,  managed services, Data Connectivity, and data centers.

The company’s IPO ranked as one of the top four IPOs in India by CNBC in 2005.  In addition, titled India’s fourth-largest network integrator by Voice & Data Magazine in its Networking Masters Issue.

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