Show No is a towel and coverall that kids can wear to make it easier for them to change into bathing suits. An entrepreneur turned a towel with a hole into a business and a product called Show No. The center of the Show No Towel is cut out to fit over your child’s head. When your child changes their wet cloth, you can drape the remaining Show No towel over their shoulders.

Additionally, Show No Towel is a fascinating product that, without making your children feel awkward, enables them to swim, play at the beach, and even dry their bodies.

Details of the owner of ShowNo Towels

ShowNo Towels was founded by Shelly Ehler. The founder of ShowNoTowels is unlike any other founder. She is a wife, a life coach, a mother of two boys, and a part-time school teacher. It looks like a “towel with a slit?” She is a speaker who has won awards and encourages other mothers to reevaluate their life goals. Even after a failed endeavor, she lives by the mantra “Dream it, Believe it, Let it go.”

After coming across a problem that most parents face on a daily basis, Shelly came up with the concept. While spending time at the beach, the mother has trouble changing her boys’ swimwear. In these circumstances, towels are required. The child’s body is draped by the remainder of the towel, with the child’s head in the central slit. This makes it simple to change damp clothing. ShowNo Towels was born as a result.

About The Company Wiki

Company NameShowNo Towels
StatusOut of Business
Founder / OwnerShelly Ehler
Social Mediashownotowels

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 Who is The Owner of ShowNo Towels | Wiki
Who is The Owner of ShowNo Towels | Wiki

About the Income of ShowNo Towels

The water parks provided the majority of her income. Shelly provided nearly fifty water parks with 20 towels per day. Each hand-made towel required an investment of $6.For each towel, the bulk selling price was $9.With a substantial profit margin, the retail price was set at $19.99.

She offered the service of providing parks with towels that were branded with their logo. She was able to negotiate a deal with Six Flags Magic Mountain and Lego Land in California thanks to these added services.

Details of the Business

Shelly Ehler is an entrepreneur who turned a straightforward concept into a new business. Shelly could be described in the same way. There are several excellent products on the market that were developed by people who recognized a problem and devised a novel, straightforward solution to address it. Finding a place where children can safely change into and out of their bathing suits can sometimes be difficult for families.

Shelly’s book “Show No” can be helpful in this situation. Show No is a towel that has a hole in the middle for your child’s head.

The remaining towel covers your child while they change out of their wet clothes by hanging over their body.
It’s also a fun new product that will keep your kids dry at the beach, in the pool, and even when they take a bath.
Even though she started Show No on her own and had some success, Shelly wants to expand it.

She wants to promote her business and sell her products by supplying them to water parks and amusement parks.
She will, however, need assistance to accomplish that objective. In the hope of receiving assistance from one of the Sharks, Shelly presented her Show No on ABC’s Shark Tank.

ShowNo Towels and Shark Tank

Shelly came to the Tank requesting $50,000 for a 25% stake in her company. She brought her sons along to model the ShowNo, and she then gave each Shark a towel from the Shark Tank edition. Even though she only made $15K in sales, all of the Sharks liked Shelly because they could see her never-say-die attitude and self-confidence.

Despite Robert’s love for Shelly, he left the ShowNo left. Kevin also didn’t like the product, so he left. Lori Greiner responded to Daymond John’s offer of $50K for a 50% stake by writing a check for $50K for a 25% stake. Daymond offered $50K in exchange for a 20% stake. Mark then made an offer of $75,000 for a 25% stake. Lori played the girl card when she and Daymond reached $75K at 25%. Shelly accepted Lori’s offer and handed over a check as she left Shark Tank.

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