[wpsm_titlebox title=” Tesla AI Team is Working on New Features for FSD” style=”2″]Recently Elon Musk has did an announcement about the installation of new and advanced features in Tesla’s Full-Self Driving (FSD) beta. Not only this, but the multinational automotive incorporation also introduced some advanced changes for Electric Vehicles (EVs). The artificial intelligence innovation team has decided on a deadline of the end of this month to insert new functionalities into the company’s system to improve its performance than before.
Now more users of Tesla could use the FSD Beta version, all thanks to the requests for some features with more safety precautions which include features to switch lanes and speed up the vehicle.

On 20 September, Tuesday, the tech CEO replied to a tweet from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley which asked, “Elon when will the tesla speed up when noticing traffic is going faster? Sometimes it’s going slow”

“Next Month,” Elon said. “Note, Autopilot/AI team is also working on Optimus and (actually smart) summon/auto park, which has end-of-month deadlines” he retweeted.

What’s more on New Features for FSD?

Tesla AI Team is Working on New Features for FSD
Tesla AI Team is Working on New Features for FSD

The hardworking team is also working on other features using machine-learning software. Some autonomous driving features like summoning and auto parking will be improved.
You can’t expect less from the wealthiest person in this world. The AI group is ready to show off at the end of September on the AI day of this year. Tesla Optimus or Tesla Bot is another device that is preparing to get launched soon. It is a curious and amazing announcement for this month.


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