Fidelity United
Fidelity United

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Fidelity United is one of the oldest insurance companies in the Market, registered in 1976 under license # 8 with the Insurance Authority.

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Fidelity United was founded in the year 1976. United Foods Company headquartered is in Abu Dhabi Dubai.

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Company Name Fidelity United
Official Website Fidelity United
CEO Donald Neel
Founded  1976
Chairman Nawwaf Ghubash Ahmed Al-Murri
Headquarters Abu Dhabi Dubai
The Opus Tower, Block B, Office B703, Business Bay Post Box, 1888, Dubai, U.A.E.
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Fidelity United
Fidelity United
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The Mission To create a business model that empowers our stakeholders optimizes our performance by way of innovation and capitalizes on the passion, knowledge, and expertise of our employees.

As of November 2018, we are operating under our new brand name ‘Fidelity United’. This new identity is a reflection of the Partnership between “United Insurance Company” and the Lebanese Insurance Market Leader “Fidelity Assurance and Reinsurance SARL”.

Nawwaf Ghubash Ahmed Al-Murri, current Chairman. He is also on the board of 5 other companies. He previously occupied the position of Chairman at Julphar Bangladesh Ltd. He received an undergraduate degree from the United Arab Emirates University and an MBA from the University of Leicester.

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Fidelity United, believing in its slogan, is committed to achieving superior and sustainable profitable growth, by adopting effective risk management practices and operating in an ethical and professional manner to deliver the highest quality service to its customers.

The shareholder of Fidelity United are Ghobash Trading & Investment Co. Ltd. LLC, Fidelity Insurance & Reinsurance Co., Mazroui Rashed Hamid Ali Al, Nawwaf Ghubash Ahmed Al-Murri

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Contract number:

  • +971 4 2502504



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