American professional football team LA Chargers is also known as San Diego Chargers. Since 1961 the team used to play in San Diego but they relocated to Los Angeles.

LA Chargers originated in LA and their first entry debut is known to be in 1959 at American Football League (AFL). On August 14, 1959, Barron Hilton gave new birth to a franchise for Los Angeles. In 1960 the roasters of The Chargers won the AFL Western division championship. Soon it became the center of attraction for all football fans, investors, and managers. The next year in 1961 team moved to San Diego which was 120 miles away.

San Diego gave them a huge Home field called Balboa Stadium along the directions and guidance of coach Sid Gillman.

It has a Win-to-Player Cost Ratio of 109. Chargers appeared in fifteen Division championships in AFL and AFC West, one Conference championship, and one AFL championship. It was founded in 1959 and is currently based in LA. Now the team competes in the National Football League (NFL).

According to Forbes data, LA Chargers is valued at $3.875 billion along with a revenue of $491 million and an operating income of $156 million. The LA Chargers ranked #20 on Forbes NFL Team Valuations List. The Team has a 13.1 million metro area population and is also called nicknames such as The Bolts. The team has played a total of 19 playoffs, four in AFL and the rest 15 in NFL.

Who is the Owner of LA Chargers?
Who is the Owner of LA Chargers | Wiki
  • About the Owner of the LA Chargers

Alex Spanos was an American real estate billionaire businessman who owned the sports franchise “ LA Chargers ” along with the A. G. Spanos Companies. At the age of 95, Lamar died on October 9, 2018. After his death, his family including his four children including Dean Spanos inherited his ownership. In 1984, Alex bought a majority stake in the Chargers. In 2018, he had a net worth of $2.4 billion.

Alex’s son Dean Spanos became the face of the family along with the title of owner and chairman of the LA Chargers

Who is the Owner of LA Chargers?
Who is the Owner of LA Chargers | Wiki
  • About The Kansas City Chiefs
Team NameLA Chargers
Current OwnerDean Spanos
Based inLos Angeles
  • Team Logo
Who is the Owner of LA Chargers?
Who is the Owner of LA Chargers | Wiki
  • Other facts you need to know
  • Who was the Former Owner of the LA Chargers?

Barron Hilton (1961–1966) and Eugene Klein & Sam Schulman (1966–1984) were the former owners of LAC.

  • Who is the Head Coach of the LA Chargers?

Brandon John Staley is the Head Coach of the team and former quarterbacks coach for the Carolina Panthers.

  • Who is the Former Head Coach of the LA Chargers?

Mike McCoy is the Former head coach of the Chargers. Before joining LAC/SDC he used to be the defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams.

  • Who is the General Manager of the LA Chargers?

Professional football executive Tom Telesco is the general manager of the Los Angeles Chargers and former Vice President of Football Operations.

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