Unikai Foods
Unikai Foods

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Unikai Foods PJSC is among the largest and most diversified FMCG companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Back in 1977, when the country itself was taking baby steps, its need for quality pasteurized dairy products was felt.

  • About the owner of Unikai Foods

Unikai Foods was founded in 1977. Unikai Foods headquartered is in Dubai.

  • About Unikai Foods

Company Name  Unikai Foods
Official Website  Unikai Foods
CEO Neeraj Vohra Dwarka
Founded 1977
Chairman Manea Mohammed Saeed Al-Mulla
Headquarters Dubai, UAE
Head Office P.O.Box 6424, Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai, UAE
 Customer Care
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Unikai Foods
Unikai Foods
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Unikai has stood for superior quality – a consistent factor across our diversified product portfolio spread across juices, dairy, ice creams, and foods. It is the same quality that reaches your table wherever you are in the GCC and MENA.

Manea Mohammed Saeed Al-Mulla, current Chairman. Mr. Manea Mohammed Saeed Al-Mulla is on the Board of Directors at Unikai Foods PJSC and Abjar Hotels International. Mr. Al-Mulla was previously employed as an Independent Non-Executive Director by Aramex PJSC.

  • Details of the Company

Unikai Foods is a Public Shareholding Company, incorporated on 11 April 1977 by a Decree from His Highness, The Ruler of Dubai. The Company amended its status to a public shareholding company on 8th June 1994.

The shareholder of the company is Emirates Investment Bank P.J.S.C. and Jetbi Moza Sowaidan Saeed Al.

  • Customer care

Contract number:

  • +971 4 507 6866


  • info@unikai.com

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