Burj Khalifa or the Khalifa Tower, a Megatall Skyscraper located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Know more about the owner of Burj Khalifa and other information about it. Burj Khalifa is the tallest construction in the world following its build-up in the year 2008. 

  • About the owner of the Burj Khalifa Building

Burj Khalifa opened in the year 2010. It was not entirely completed on the day of opening in 2010. Burj Khalifa was built keeping residents, hotels, and hospitals in mind. The plan and construction were carried out by an architecture firm from Chicago.

The construction of Burj Khalifa started in the year 2004. In fact, the construction took more than 5 years to complete. The time period comprises the construction of both its internal and external finishing. Moreover, Burj Khalifa was opened under the development part of Dubai, called Downtime Dubai.

Initially, before opening the building, it was named Burj Dubai, to honor the ruler of Abu Dhabi and also the president of the United Arab Emirates, namely Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The owner of Burj Khalifa Towner is Emaar Properties.

  • About The Burj Khalifa Building Wiki
Company Name Burj Khalifa
Official Website www.burjkhalifa.ae
Founder / Owner Emaar Properties
Founded 2004
Developer  Mohammed Alabbar
Head OfficeDubai, UAE
 1 Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE
Customer Care
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Owner of Burj Khalifa Tower Dubai UAE -Wiki - Logo
Owner of Burj Khalifa Tower Dubai UAE -Wiki – Logo (Source – Burj Khalifa. ae)  
  • Details of the owner of Burj Khalifa(Wiki)

Burj Khalifa, formerly Burj Dubai, is owned by Emaar Properties. A Real Estate Investor Company based in Dubai. Emaar Properties is a public joint-stock company. Mohammed Alabbar is currently the chairperson of the Company. In fact, several business magnates purchased apartments from Burj. To enumerate,  George V. Nereaparambil, an Indian businessman owns more than a decent share of the 900 apartments in the Burj Khalifa.

The manufacturing cost of Burj Khalifa estimated to $1.5 Billion.

Owners of each section:

  • Residential floors: The building has 900 residential units in the building were sold to individual buyers, with some owning as many as 22 apartments.
  • Offices: The building constitutes 37 floors of corporate suites, in fact, assumed for a major time in sales rather than for lease. One can see advertisements of corporate suites for sale on various property listing sites in the UAE.
  • Armani Hotel: owned and operated by Emaar
  • Observation Deck: Owned and operated by Emaar Properties

    Details of the Burj Khalifa Structure

Owner of Burj Khalifa The Tower Dubai -Wiki - Logo
Owner of Burj Khalifa The Tower Dubai -Wiki – Logo (Source – Burj Khalifa. ae)

Burj Khalifa, a mighty architecture of total height – of 829.8 m (2,722 ft) and a roof height – of 828 m (2,717 ft), Prominently, the Burj Khalifa maintains to be the tallest construction in the world since its completion in 2008.

The primary structure of Burj Khalifa was built with concrete. Burj Dubai is a result of Dubai’s Government’s undertaking to diversify the Dubai Oil refinery sector and to get international recognition.

Designed by Adrian Smith, the same firm behind Willis Tower and One World Trade Centre. In fact, the they-shaped part of the building is efficient enough to reduce the wind affecting the raising.

Burj Khalifa holds many world records including Tallest Building in the world, the tallest Structure, the highest observation deck, the highest nightclub, and many more. Burj Khalifa has about 211 floors.

  • Customer Care of Burj Khalifa Tower

Within UAE: 800 AT THE TOP

  • (800 28843867)
  • International: +9714 8888124
  • Email: schools@atthetop.ae

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