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Owner of DEN Networks BROADBAND wiki logo

DEN Networks, is a digital cable TV service company in India. Know more about the Owner of DEN Networks India and more Company information. DEN Networks India Ltd., provides analog and digital cable and internet services throughout India. One of the largest cable television channel providers in India.

  • About the owner of DEN Networks India

Owner of DEN Networks Wiki - Profile
Owner of DEN Networks Wiki – Profile

DEN Networks, was incorporated on July 10, 2007, as a private limited company. Formerly, called with the name DEN Digital Entertainment Networks Pvt Ltd. The company launched with the aim to engage in cable television distribution, broadband internet, and other related businesses. Consequently, within three years of proceedings, the company spanned the milestone of approximately 11 million subscribers. Eventually, the largest national-level MSO (Multi System Operator) in India.

DEN networks, founded and owned by Sameer Manchanda. Satendra Jindal is the current CFO of DEN network.

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Company Name DEN Networks Limited
Official Website www.dennetworks.com
Founder / Owner Sameer Manchanda
Founded  10th July 2007
CEO S N Sharma
Head Office New Delhi, India
 236, Okhla Industrial Estate Phase 3 Road, Near Modi Mill, New Delhi – 110020
 DEN Networks Customer Care
  • Official Page
  • 1800-419-2020(toll-free)
  • 782727-8080
  • sales@dennetworks.com
  • 0120 – 617 – 5000
  • careboomband@denonline.in
  • Company Logo

Owner of DEN Networks BROADBAND wiki logo
Owner of DEN Networks BROADBAND wiki logo
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On October 12, 2007, the company went into partnership with Priya Mukherjee. She is the director of major DEN networks. Later, in 2008, the company again made a joint venture with Star India Pvt Ltd as 50:50 shareholdings. Through the year 2009-10, the company issued and allotted 18,567,240 equity shares of the face value of Rs 10 each.

Mr. Sameer Manchanda, Chairman and Managing Director of DEN networks, is a qualified Chartered Accountant. Altogether, he has over two decades of experience in the Indian media & television industry. Manchanda, associated with the Indian television industry since 1984.

S. N. Sharma, current CEO of DEN networks. For the most part, Sharma holds a B. Tech degree in Electronics & Communications and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. In addition,  20+ years of experience in the electronic media industry.

  • Details of the Company

DEN network, is considered India’s best. Owing to their user interface and Value added services they provide. The cable provides 180+ channels. Including regional and also microblogging television channels.

The company owns three television channels, Which are telecasted only on its network. By all means, DEN network has acquired all India ISP licenses for internet services. DEN network covers more than 200 cities in India.

Indeed, the broadband services provided by DEN Boomband with 100 Mbps speed. In fact, Internet service runs on DOCSIS 3.0 technology,

Under those circumstances, in the year 2010, the telly awards awarded the DEN network with the Best Indian Cable TV MSO award. DEN, overbearing owner of the Indian Super League’s Delhi Team – Delhi Dynamos FC

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DEN Digi View:

  •  Standard Definition Digital Cable Service

Broadband plan for Internet with price

Owner of DEN Networks BROADBAND plans
Owner of DEN Networks BROADBAND plans


  •  High-Definition Digital Cable Service
  • DEN Analog Cable

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