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AT&T Inc is a telecommunications company. Know more about the owner of AT&T Inc and the Company for more information. The founder and full company information of this company is here. AT&T Inc has successfully become one of the top telecommunication companies globally providing voice, data, and video communication services. Nonetheless,  their services include worldwide coverage.  Both consumer service and Business services are available from AT&T Inc.

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owner of AT&T Company Wiki - Founder
owner of AT&T Company Wiki – Founder

AT&T saw its origin in Alexander Graham Bell when he invented the telephone in 1876.  Later the company partnered with Bell Telephone Company in 1877.  In 1878, to license telephone exchanges they formed the New England Telephone Company in New England.

Bell instituted the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) in 1885 to manage the finance and serve as its long-distance subsidiary. The headquarters has resided in Dallas, TX.

Randall Stephenson is current Chairman, CEO and Presiden of AT&T Inc

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Company Name AT&T Inc
Official Website www.att.com
Founder / Owner Alexander Graham Bell
Founded 1983
CEO John Stankey
Head Office Dallas, Texas, United States
  Dallas, Texas, United States
AT&T  Customer Care
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owner of AT&T Inc Wiki - logo
owner of AT&T Inc Wiki – logo
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Randall L. Stephenson, the former Chairman, and  Chief Executive Officer and President of AT&T Inc.  Employed in 2007. Randall began his career with Southwestern Bell Telephone in 1982 in Oklahoma. He served as the company’s senior executive vice president and chief financial officer from 2001 to 2004, and from 2004 to 2007 he served as the chief operating officer.

In July 2001,  designated as Chief Financial Officer for SBC. Eventually,  assisting the company in reducing its exclusive debt from $30 billion to near zero by early 2004. He was appointed to AT&T’s board of directors in 2005. Stephenson merited a B.S. from the University of Central Oklahoma moreover a Master of Accountancy from the University of Oklahoma.

Of the twenty-four companies that were part of the Bell System, ten is a part of the current AT&T:

  • BellSouth Telecommunications (formerly known as Southern Bell; includes former South Central Bell)
  • Illinois Bell
  • Indiana Bell
  • Michigan Bell
  • Ohio Bell
  • Pacific Bell (formerly Pacific Telephone & Telegraph)
  • Nevada Bell (formerly known as Bell Telephone Company of Nevada)
  • Southwestern Bell
  • Wisconsin Bell (formerly Wisconsin Telephone)
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CEO of AT&T Inc Wiki - Profile
CEO of AT&T Inc Wiki – Profile

In the first place, it was in 1885, the first national telephone network was established. In 1889, AT&T launched the first coin-operated payphone installed in Hartford, Connecticut.

The two-segment services include Businesses and Consumers. Services from the Business Services segment offer both domestic and international long-distance and toll-free voice services. Also, local voice services and video teleconferencing services, Web-based video conferencing services, and calling cards.

To put it differently, services from the Consumer Services segment include interstate and intrastate long-distance telecommunications services throughout the continental U.S. and telecommunications services to and from various nations and territories worldwide.

AT&T has about 35 million customers in the USA alone. It is a public company, with an average sale noted of $34.52 billion in 2003. Notably, the company employs more than 1 million people.

In addition, the company’s partners with RCA brought radio growth to the company. In that case, an enhanced wireless network.  At the same time, AT&T brought up a toll station, namely WEAF. In effect, people can pay and send any message publicly.

The holding companies, AT&T  has acquired over the years resulted in the following corporate structure:

  • AT&T Inc., the publicly-traded holding company
  • AT&T Arkansas,  AT&T Southwest, AT&T Kansas, AT&T Missouri, AT&T Oklahoma, AT&T Texas
  • AT&T Teleholdings Inc, AT&T East, AT&T Midwest, AT&T West
  • AT&T Illinois
  • AT&T Indiana
  • AT&T Michigan
  • AT&T Ohio
  • AT&T Wisconsin
  • AT&T Alascom d/b/an AT&T Alaska
  • AT&T South
  • AT&T Alabama, AT&T Florida,  AT&T Mississippi, AT&T North Carolina, AT&T South Carolina, AT&T Georgia, AT&T Louisiana, AT&T Kentucky, AT&T Southeast, AT&T Tennessee
  • AT&T Mobility
  • Cricket Wireless
  • AT&T Mexico[48]
  • DirecTV
  • AT&T California
  • AT&T Nevada
  • AT&T Corp. acquired the 2005
  • AT&T Inc customer care Number

There are many numbers and many departments of AT&T company If you need any type of customer care helpline and complaint numbers are here. or if you need more information about the company support so you can check the official website of the company.

Department Number
  • 888.333.6651 (For New Connection)
  • +1.314.925.6925 (Support)

Digital TV
  • 800.288.2020  (Direct TV)
  • 866.266.1292  (Dish)
  • 800.288.2020 (Fixed Wireless Internet customer service
Home Phone
  • 866.975.0050  (Wireless home prepaid)

Home Security
  • 855.288.2727

  • AT&T Inc online Offers packages price list of 2017

With AT&T you can purchase any mobile, here is the full list of offers for the latest smartphone.

  • Cellphones Offers

iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and 10 or X

  • Accessories Offers

AT&T discount programs
Wireless service plans
Wireless coverage map

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  1. Hi My name is Marion James, I sign up to have your service and had the tech to come out on Friday, Sept27 and when he arrived to connect the service, he told us it would be a dish on the roof and we did not want the service with that on our roof and the other service was too high because we are seniors and on a budget.. Well, the installation guy was very nice about it and told us we would have to call in to have our phone number ported back over. I call that same day to have the number ported over and Spectrum sent a message ATT to get the number and they denied the request. They keep saying it was pending. Well I was on the phone and at your center in the Form, Selma Tx and we called and the manager called and they said it was pending. After I got to the loyalty dept they said it is not pending anymore and we cat reopen it. This was not my fault and I been calling for 3 days and going to the store and kept getting the run-around. I am very disappointed because I have had that number for 15years and I did not want to lose it. And besides that Terry, your manager on duty was not very nice and accommodating, he just said I’m sorry and nothing you can do but call the better business bureau. This was not very nice for a manager to say to a customer, he along with the lady in the loyalty dept name Tarashi, seems to think this was too bad for me.. One thing if my name was in the Loyalty dept that should have meant something, but it gave them joy to tell me too late. I am asking that you please open up the line so I can have my phone number ported back over to me my number is 210384-9762, this is my number to be ported over. I would like Mr.Randall Stephenson to know how their management staff is treating potential customers. Please call me at 760 6229862 or 9015026138

  2. I bought a Wi-Fi device from AT&T in order to get internet. It worked OK for about a month then it started not working so had to take it to AT&T and get new SIM cards all the time. I called AT&T and they told me they had turned it off because some bill had not been paid. I went over the checks I sent and all the bills were paid. I am sending a list of the checks and one Money Order to AT&T and ask them to tell me which one is missing so I can have the Credit Union see who cashed it. By Sharon Croskey-Smyth

  3. Hi my name Christina Ferrero and I need CEO Randall Stephenson . I have not been with att at that long and I was yelled at by customer I was lied to and promise thing that was not keep . $850.50 and wards I never got sense stared atatt my bill is not what i was told it was going my hold account is messed up i was hung up by customer .I was doing my research on atatt and ever thing attat said is so far a lie .i was dealing with this old provider that’s why I switched providers I was guaranteed in promise that will never happen to me .but its is.


    AT&T has NO LOYALTY to their customers. I have had issues with wi-fi, internet and home phone for about a year and a half now. Each time I call it’s a different answer, kind of like the IRS. The same goes for the technicians, they all try something different but to no avail do I get a resolution.
    Now if I want to spend more money and upgrade they sing a different tune. No one seems to answer my question WHAT CHANGED…….. WHY DID MY SERVICE WORK BEFORE????????

  5. AT&T is funding hard right politics, OAN, Trump, the people who attacked the US capitol, and most all hard right supporters of civil war in the United States.

    1. I hope that you do some research and come to the realization that CNN is owned by WanerMedia, which is owned by AT&T.

      1. Actually they own CNN which is hard left! And it was the FBI who instigated Jan 6 th and it has now been shown clearly. evidence points to a plot to focus Americans away from the stolen election! But it’s being exposed anyway!

  6. Don’t worry they will not help you. I tried for six months and I still get more lies.

    I spoke to the the Presidents secretary – just found out she died last week, The line is cut off. It took me a year to get that number ,

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