Owner of State Bank of India -Wiki - Logo - profile
Owner of State Bank of India -Wiki - Logo - profile

State Bank of India, an Indian nationalized financial institution. Know more about the owner of the State Bank of India and more organization information. State Bank of India, the country’s largest commercial bank.

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State Bank of India was incorporated in the year 1806. Not in the form of SBI, but as Bank of Calcutta. After the formation of the British colonial government in India, they wanted the formation of a Western-style banking system, primarily to serve the wants and interests of the British imperial government. In addition to European trading houses arranging business in India. Eventually, this leads to the first nationalized bank in India.

Bank of Calcutta, was also the country’s first joint-stock company. SBI is headquartered in Mumbai, India. The government of India is the Owner of SBI.

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Company Name  State Bank of India (SBI)
Official Website  www.sbi.co.in


 British imperial government

Government of India

Founded  2 June 1806
Chairman Dinesh Kumar Khara
Head Office Mumbai, India
 Customer Care
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Owner of State Bank of India -Wiki - Logo - profile
Owner of State Bank of India -Wiki – Logo – profile
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State Bank of India (SBI), owned by the Indian Government. Provided that, the Indian government conserves a stake of almost 60% in SBI via the central Reserve Bank of India.

Dinesh Kumar Khara, current Chairman of SBI. Dinesh Kumar Khara is a career banker and Chairman of the State Bank of India a position he assumed on 7 October 2020. He is a postgraduate in Commerce from the Delhi School of Economics and an MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi.


  • Shri Dinesh Kumar Khara- Chairman
  • Dr. Vivek Joshi – Director
  • Shri B. Venugopal – Director
  • Shri C.S. Setty – Managing Director
  • Dr. Ganesh Natarajan – Director
  • Shri B. Venugopal – Director
  • CA Prafulla P Chhajed – Director
  • Details of the Company

For the most part, SBI has taken possession of local banks in terms of rescues. To illustrate, in 1985, it procured the Bank of Cochin in Kerala, which had 120 branches. As an affiliate of SBI, the State Bank of Travancore previously had an extensive network in Kerala.

The state-owned bank momentarily controlled more than one-fourth of India’s entire banking industry. Such a position got further expanded at the end of the decade when new legislation made the act for the takeover by the State Bank of eight regionally based, government-controlled banks.

Presently, SBI operates as the world’s largest branch network, including more than 13,500 branch offices throughout India, man-powered by approximately 220,000 employees. SBI is also a global organization, including seven international subsidiaries in the United States, Canada,  Nigeria, Nepal, Bhutan, Mauritius, and the United Kingdom, and more than 50 branch offices in 30 countries.

  • State Bank of India Limited customer care

Full List of contact customer care of State Bank of India

  • Delhi Office

State Bank of India, Local Head Office, 11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110 001.

  • Mumbai Office

State Bank of India, Local Head Office, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai-400 051.

  • Hyderabad

Bank Street, Koti, Hyderabad – 500 095

  • Chandigarh

Office, Sector-17-B, Chandigarh-160 017

  • Bangalore

65, St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore-560 001

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