The Wine Balloon is a wine gadget which is made by Eric Corti to help conserve wine bottles for persons who can’t finish the entire bottle in one time. It is a product that helps to keep an already-opened bottle of fresh wine. A blood pressure pump and a tube are used by Eric Corti while making this gadget.

About the owner of Wine Balloon

It is founded by Eric Corti and his beloved wife, both husband, and wife are wine lovers, they are not persons who can finish the full bottle in one sitting. The couple doesn’t know how how to keep the left wine fresh in the open bottle so that they can drink it again. The couple was fed up with the wastage of expensive bottles, and Eric Corti tries to find a solution to this problem.

During Shark Tank – Investment

Eric Corti takes his wine balloon idea to Shark Tank and asks him for an investment of $40,000 for 30% equity in Wine Balloon, Lori Greiner made an offer to Eric that he wants to buy his company for$ 500k but Eric doesn’t like to finalize the deal with Lori. Eric asks for a 3% royalty in return, on the other hand, Shark Tank was not ready to invest in Eric’s wine balloon idea. After that Eric Corti finalizes the deal with Lori.

Wine Balloon’s name changed to The Air Cork

Later on, the product was renamed “The Air Cork“, and the packaging of the product look so attractive after the product got its new name, The Air Cork product was sold in huge amounts to many Vineyards and wineries. This product is also available at various retail shops and online at Amazon.

Wine Balloon’s sale in 2021

In 2021 the company made $7 million and the company was valued at $133,333, and Eric Corti’s net worth is approximately estimated at around $14 million. Recently Air Cork has become so popular the product is available in 4 different shapes and colors Charcoal, Barrel Burgundy, and White.

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