British Physical Laboratories India BPL Company logo
British Physical Laboratories India BPL Company logo

British Physical Laboratories India Private Limited, an Indian electrical goods manufacturer company full details, know about the British Physical Laboratories India Private Limited Who is the owner of BPL? See the Full Wiki, and profile of the company.  Know who is the owner of BPL and the full company profile with the logo. Here you can find the full company Profile and Wiki of the electronic company, BPL. Also, know about the full Information Wiki and company profile of the BPL.

BPL has been more reliable in terms of electronics in India. The name BPL is the acronym for British Physical Laboratories India Private Limited. Scored amongst the most beloved brands in India.  The BPL Group, an Indian electronics manufacturing company, successfully staked into various sectors. Including, consumer appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, healthcare devices, and other entertainment household products. The company builds products mainly under two comprehensive labels. Namely, Consumer Products and Professional Products.

BPL started its spectacular rise from its headquarters located in Bangalore, India. Originating from its center on medical electronics, eventually, it expanded into consumer electronics, soft energy, telecommunications, and even electronic components.

  • About The owner of BPL

The BPL Group was incorporated in the year 1963. Foundation laid by TPG Nambiar. The Group made a quietly remarkable inception through the manufacturing of sealed panel meters intended to be used by the defense. After a period of five years with utter devotion and hard work the BPL Group staked into the medical field and also produced high-class electrocardiographs.

After the introduction of television in India BPL made an alliance with SANYO, Japan. Besides, launched the BPL brand of televisions in India. Today, BPL under the consumer appliances label manufacture televisions such as flat TV, slim TV, and conventional TV.

  • About The BPL Limited Wiki

Company Name  British Physical Laboratories India Private Limited
Founder   TPG Nambiar
Founded 1963
Headquarters Dynamic House, Church Street, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Official Website
  • Company Logo

British Physical Laboratories India BPL Company logo
British Physical Laboratories India BPL Company logo
  • Bio of the owner of BPL(Wiki)

Mr. T. P. G. Nambiar, current Chairman of the Board of BPL Display Devices Limited, a subsidiary of BPL Ltd. Moreover, Nambiar has served as Chairman of Loop Mobile (India) Limited. Also, he served as a Director at BS Appliances Ltd. until January 31, 2002.

Who is the owner of BPL Company India
Who is the owner of BPL Company India
  • Details of the Company

At present, Group BPL has its head office is located in Bangalore. With an employment structure of more than 14,000 people. Also, the group is worth around 4,000 crore. In addition, for the purpose of expanding their businesses, BPL is planning to expand in the healthcare sector.

Moreover, the group plans to enter the areas such as dentistry, critical care, and home health care. They expect the revenue from the healthcare sector to amount to more than 500 crores by 2010. Badly, in recent years the group has been facing equity revamp and major debt.

After all, the losses that the company has withstood in the last few years, the company is still reckoned among the most reliable consumer enduring brands in the country. With a predominant occupancy in the whole country and a robust distribution network of about 7000 channel partners, BPL got successful again.

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