Polarcus Ltd. was an offshore geophysical company that deliver high-end towed streamer data acquisition and imaging services from Pole to Pole and operated a fleet of seismic research vessels worldwide. Get the complete information about the Polarcus Ltd. Company profile and wiki for Polarcus Ltd. Know who is the owner of Polarcus Ltd.

About the owner of Polarcus Ltd.

Polarcus Ltd. was located in the United Arab Emirates. Polarcus Ltd. was established in 2008 and decreased in 2021. The company has a strong environmental focus that aims to decrease emissions to both sea and air. Polarcus operates a fleet of high-performance 3D seismic vessels incorporating leading-edge maritime technologies for improved safety, data quality, and operational efficiency.

About The Polarcus Ltd.

Company Name Polarcus Ltd.
Official Website Polarcus Ltd.
Head OfficeUAE

Company Logo

Polarcus Ltd. Company logo
Polarcus Ltd. Company logo

Details of the owner of Polarcus Ltd.

Polarcus Ltd. Specialised in Towed streamer data acquisition, seismic data imaging services, Arctic exploration, Environmental frontier exploration, Exploration, Seismic Data, Data Processing, Multi-client data, Seismic survey design, Marine seismic, Seismic innovation, Seismic project efficiency, Responsible Exploration, XArray, Priority Processing, Onboard Processing, 4D Exploration, 4D seismic data, 3D Exploration, 3D seismic data, Multivessel survey, RightsFlow, Broadband seismic data, Continues recording, Triple Source, Penta Source, Multiple Source, and Polar Code.

Mr. Peter Rigg was the Chairman of the company. Peter J. Riggs is a leading Australian researcher on the foundations of physics, the nature of time, and the methodology of science. He also is an enthusiastic science communicator.

Mr. Peter Rigg owner of Polarcus Ltd.
Mr. Peter Rigg owner of Polarcus Ltd.

Details of the Polarcus Ltd.

 Polarcus Ltd. has listed its shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange OTC list in 2008, and in 2009 began trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange OSE list, under the ticker PLCs. The company was delisted in 2021. The Company had three regional hubs located in Houston, London, and Singapore with its headquarters located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Members of the board of Polarcus Ltd.

Name Title
Mr. Erik Mathiesen Board Member
Mr. Tom Henning Slethei Board Member
Mr. Peter Zickerman Board Member
Mr. Peter Rigg Chairman
 Mr. Arnstein Wigestrand Board Member


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