Who is the owner of Su-Kam Power Systems India - Wiki and Logo
Who is the owner of Su-Kam Power Systems India - Wiki and Logo

Su-Kam Power Systems is a manufacturer of power solutions. Know more about the owner of Su-Kam Power Systems and Company more information.  Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. is India’s largest power solutions company which has a presence in 90 countries worldwide and holds a record for being the only company in this field to file for over 100 patents. The company manufactures more than 200 products. Including solar products, UPS, batteries, and customized solar solutions. According to a recent report published by Bridge to India, Su-Kam has the biggest share in India’s residential solar market.

About the owner of Su-Kam Power Systems

Su-Kam’s founder, Kunwer Sachdev, turned the company’s direction towards solar a decade ago as he foresees a big demand for solar products in India. Su-Kam has created India’s first hybrid solar UPS for home and touchscreen, wi-fi-enabled Solar PCU. One of the most innovative Su-Kam tech novation is Solarscopie. This device computes the performance of two solar products (of different brands).

Su-Kam is the only solar power company in India to have a large digital presence. Su-Kam’s website, blog, and social media work to educate lacs of people about going solar.

  • Some Information About The Company / Company Wiki
Company Name Su-Kam Power Systems
Founder Kunwer Sachdev
Founded 1998
Official Website www.su-kam.com

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Who is the owner of Su-Kam Power Systems India - Wiki and Logo
Who is the owner of Su-Kam Power Systems India – Wiki and Logo

  • Details of the owner of Su-Kam Power Systems(Wiki)

Kunwer Sachdev (born 16 November 1962) is an Indian entrepreneur who leads the foundation and is currently the Managing Director of Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd, an India-based power solutions provider. He founded Su-Kam in 1988. According to a report published in Hurun News, Rs. 2300 crore or 380 million USD is the net worth of Kunwer Sachdev.

Kunwer Sachdev was born in a middle-class family on 16 November 1962. After all, he studied in a government school in Punjabi Bagh in Delhi. He was one of the three sons of a section officer in the Indian Railways. His brother started a small business selling writing instruments. Then, Sachdev helped him in his business since he was in standard 10.

In a conversation with Times of India, Kunwer Sachdev said that he always knew he would be an entrepreneur, so he did not focus on his studies, yet he finished his graduation in statistics from Hindu College and LLB from Delhi University.

  • Details of the Company

Su-Kam’s Telecom Management System is a state-of-the-art, micro-controller-based power management system for cellular mobile sites. The unit integrates the functionalities of power management, remote monitoring, and control of various subsystems on the cell site like batteries and the DG set. As a matter of fact, the product can take energy from multiple input sources in combination.

Thereupon extend the DC output desired to feed the telecom equipment. A network operating and control center (NOCC) is also provided to create a central monitoring and control facility for a large number of sites. It was headquartered in GURGAON, Haryana. The company stopped it functioning in the year 2018.

From being a start-up in 1998 (when it was founded), Su-Kam has grown exponentially to become an Indian MNC. Eventually, a prosperous example of “Make in India”, as it has offices and over 40,000 channel partners in many countries around the world. The first Indian power solutions company to win the title of ‘Superbrand’. In the long run, Su-Kam is counted as one of the fastest-growing companies according to India Inc.

Most compelling evidence, Su-Kam was awarded for being the best talent management company in India. Everyone who works with Su-Kam is a proud Su-Kamian and a part of the worldwide team of 2000 members. Occasionally, the company celebrates all festivals in full spirit. Also, encourages employees in taking care of their health by organizing an annual sports week.

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