Spectra is an internet service provider company.  Spectra Net is a private company and a provider of fiber optic-based internet services for businesses and residents. The company offers cable and wireless broadband. Know more about the owner of  Spectra and Company more information.[/wpsm_titlebox]

About the owner of Spectra Net

CEO & Managing Director of Spectra Net India - Wiki and Logo
CEO & Managing Director of Spectra Net India

Spectra net is an ISP company established in 2000, under the Punj Llyod. Later, in the year 2008, the telecom major Shyam Group and IT services company, Spanco Telesystems formed a joint venture to buy Spectra net, for an undisclosed amount. Eventually, the Spectranet company’s new promoter (Citycom, a JV company promoter of Shyam Group and Spanco Telesystems) declared an investment of Rs 500 crore to develop their services. Which expanded to 10 more cities now. The company headquarters is located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

  • Some Information About The Company / Company Wiki
Company Name Spectra Net 
Udit Mehrotra
Founded  2000
Official Website www.spectra.co
Head Office Gurugram, India
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Who is the owner of Spectra Net India - Wiki and Logo
Who is the owner of Spectra Net India – Wiki and Logo
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Mr. Udit Mehrotra, CEO & Managing Director of  Spectra, is a dynamic leader with an aim to provide the best internet experience to its consumers. He holds a deep understanding of market trends and the latest technological advancements. Owing to this, Udit has led Spectra to shape up as the leading choice for internet services in the country.

The company is licensed to provide services to national and international long-distance services across India. Udit, for his continuous service in the telecom sector, was recognized by London’s Global Telecoms Business Magazine and conferred under the 40 Global Telecoms Business Leaders under 40 list in 2011.

  • Details of the Company

Today, Spectra Net Broadband is powered by FOX (Fiber Optic Xperience) providing speeds of 16 Mbps with tens of gigabytes of data usage. Eventually pushed to the top 1% of internet providers in India. Indeed achieved thousands of customers in the National Capital Region of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi,  Pune, and Chennai.

Business users, use a separate channel. The company provides Business Internet Access (BIA) products powered by FOX (Fiber Optic Xperience) and our data center products offer metered power

During September 2017, the company has fallen behind younger rivals such as ACT Fibrenet,  the third biggest broadband provider in India after Airtel and BSNL. Owing to this, the company plans for a rebranding initiative and switching to the name Spectra. Eventually, aims to focus much more on the consumer segment. In contrast, Spectra is ready to step outside of the niche of B2B services for SMBs.

  • Awards Acquired

Spectra Net achieved  National Telecom Award for “INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR MOBILE DATA” in 2012.  Explicitly, in the month of June 2017, Netflix appraised Spectra by mentioning that Spectra pips Airtel’s in-home broadband speed in June.

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