Who is the owner of Xerox India - Modi Xerox- Wiki and Profile
Who is the owner of Xerox India - Modi Xerox- Wiki and Profile

Xerox India, a document solution. Know more about the owner of Xerox India and the Company for more information.  Know about India’s xerox company, So read about Who is the owner of Xerox India also known as Modi Xerox India, See Full Wiki and profile with logo founder information. Xerox India Limited provides document management solutions to government, education, commercial, and other public sector customers.

About the owner of Xerox India

Originally Modi Xerox was derived from a joint undertaking shaped by Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi with Spice Group and Rank Xerox in September 1983. The share stake was limited to 40% on ModiCorp, 40% on Rank Xerox, and 20% for private shareholders. It was raised on an earlier cooperation with Indian Xerographic Systems, formed in 1982. Other partnerships included Modi Xerox Software Systems, created in 1995, and Modi Xerox Financial Services.

  • Some Information About The Company / Company Wiki
Company Name Xerox India
Founder Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi
Founded 1983
Official Website www.xerox.com

  • Company Logo

Who is the owner of Xerox India - Modi Xerox- Wiki and Profile
Who is the owner of Xerox India – Modi Xerox- Wiki and Profile

  • Details of the owner of Xerox India(Wiki)

Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi (aka BKM), is in the service as an Executive of Spice Innovative Technologies Private Limited. Dr. Modi created new patterns and remoulde the Indian office scenario when he assisted in Xerox technology to the country with Modi Xerox. He founded Spice Entertainment Ltd. (a/k/a, Spice corp.) in 1996 and served as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He has played a key role in spearheading the Information Technology and Telecom revolution in India.

Dr. Modi has been conferred with the “British-Japan Friendship Association Award for World Peace“, the “Outstanding Telecom & Informatics Entrepreneurship Award“ and the “Rajiv Gandhi Peace Unity Award“.  Also bestowed as a D.Litt in Industrial Management. Dr. Modi holds Masters in Business Administration graduation from the University of Southern California, USA. He also holds a Ph.D. in Financial Management. He is a Chemical Engineer from South California.

In 1981, Dr. M laid the foundation for his business empire by setting up Graphics India which became the sole distributor of Rank Xerox copiers in India. In 1983, he made the arrangement for Modi Xerox as a joint venture with Xerox. Modi Xerox became the first Indian manufacturer of high-end laser copiers. Then in 1987, he formed a collaboration with Olivetti (Italy), Modi Olivetti. Hence became the first Indian joint venture to manufacture advanced PCs and floppy disks.

In reality, Dr. M is a keen humanitarian who tirelessly works to help those in need. Including his business ventures or social initiatives and in everything Dr M will procure his effort to make the world a better place for all. In effect of his global peace efforts, he received appreciation from the United States House of Representatives and achieved the “Ambassador of Peace” Award conferred by the Universal Peace Foundation.

  • Details of the Company

It offers printing and publishing systems, digital multi-function devices, digital copiers, laser and ink printers, fax machines, document management software, and supplies, such as toner, paper, and ink. Also, the company provides software and solutions used by businesses to print books. Create personalized documents, and scan and route digital information.

In addition, it offers document management services, including operating in-house production centers, and online document repositories. Also does the job of analyzing how customers create and share documents in the office.

The company, formerly known as Xerox ModiCorp Ltd. and changed its name to Xerox India Limited in March 2005. The company was founded in 1983. And its headquarters is located in Gurgaon, India. Xerox India Limited operates as a subsidiary of Xerox Corporation.

Its Managed Document Services benefaction help customers, varying from small businesses to global enterprises with all their printing and related document processes. Managed Document Services include the document outsourcing business, with a set of marketing solutions. Meanwhile, the Company tries to provide better  Workplace Solutions and Graphic Communications products and solutions to support the work processes of its customers.

In the long run, Xerox ranked the World’s Most Admired Company in the computer industry in FORTUNE magazine’s annual reputation survey.

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