Allahabad Bank,  an Indian premium nationalized the bank. Know about the owner of Allahabad Bank and Company. Know more about the owner of Allahabad Bank and more Company information. Allahabad Bank, the oldest nationalized Bank with intense involvement in extending various banking solutions to its esteemed clients since 1865.

  • About the owner of Allahabad Bank

Allahabad Bank was established on April 24, 1865. Owing to the conflux city of Allahabad by an association of Europeans. At that time, started as an Organized Industry. Eventually, Trade and Banking started materializing in India.

Also,  the oldest joint stock bank in India. Incorporated by a group of Europeans at Allahabad on April 24, 1865. In the initial days, the time Indian economy started turning towards standardized trade and business affairs. After some years in 1920, the P&O Bank brought Allahabad Bank and its headquarters to Kolkata. The Allahabad bank altogether got a new oneness after it was nationalized in 1969 along with 13 other banks in India.

  • About The Allahabad Bank Wiki

Company Name  Allahabad Bank
Official Website
Founder / Owner  City of Allahabad and a Group of Europeans
Founded  April 24, 1865
CEO Ch. S. S. Mallikarjuna Rao
Active ( merged with Indian bank in 2020 )
Head Office Kolkata, India
2, N. S. Road,Kolkata -700 001
 Customer Care
  • Company Logo

Owner of Allahabad Bank -Wiki - Logo - profile
Owner of Allahabad Bank -Wiki – Logo – profile
  • Details of the owner of Allahabad Bank(Wiki)

Ch. S. S. Mallikarjuna Rao, government on October 1, 2019, appointed Ch. S. S Mallikarjuna Rao as the MD and CEO of Punjab National Bank. Prior to his appointment as the MD and CEO of Punjab National Bank, Rao was the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Allahabad Bank.

Shri N.K.Sahoo, current Executive Director of Allahabad Bank. Thought the office of the Executive Director of the Bank on 12.03.2015. Prior to this, General Manager (Branch Head, London Branch), of the Canara Bank.

Sahoo started his Banking career by joining the banking industry as Agriculture Officer in 1983. A CAIIB with B.Sc (Agril) graduate. Moreover, experienced many prestigious training programs like Global Advanced Management Program in Shanghai, Executive Development Program at JNIDB in Hyderabad, SBI Training Program, at IIM Bangalore, ISB at Hyderabad, etc.

  • Details of the Company

Allahabad Bank, provides corporate/wholesale banking, retail banking, and treasury services both in India and internationally. Today, one of the leading banks in India with a whopping business of over Rs.1, 00,000 crores.

Allahabad bank adopted CBS (Core Banking Service) in the year 2006. And eventually developed 24 hours connectivity along with its 2165 branches across the country.  At present, the Allahabad Bank has 44 Zonal Offices 6 Staff Training Colleges, and 3 Staff Training centers for imparting training centers in India.

Product and Services

Deposit Products

  • Diamond Jubilee Deposit Scheme
  • Rs. 5 Banking
  • Gold Deposit
  • Flexi-fix Deposit
Retail Credit Products
  • All Bank Housing Finance Scheme
  • Personal Loan Scheme for Pensioners
  • All Bank Property Loan
  • Saral Loan Scheme
  • All Bank Educational Loan Scheme
  • Overdraft Facility in Savings Bank Account
  • Personal Loan Scheme for Doctors/ Medical Practitioners
  • Loan against NSC/ KVP
  • All Bank Mobile Scheme
  • All Bank Rent Loan
  • AllBank Gyan Dipika Scheme
  • All Bank Car Finance Scheme
  • AllBank Pilot Training Loan Scheme
  • All Bank Furnishing Loan
  • All Bank Gold Loan Scheme
  • AllBank Reverse Mortgage Scheme
  • All Bank Abhusan Scheme
  • All Bank Trade Scheme
Other Credit Products
  • Kisan Credit Card
  • Kisan Shakti Yojana
  • AllBank-Expo
  • All Ayushman Bima Yojana
  • Cash Management Services
  • Depository Services
  • VisaCum Debit Card Services
  • Real-Time Gross Settlement
  • National Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Gold Card Scheme For Exporters
  • Charter for MSMEs
  • Government Business
  • Regional MSME care centers
  • Allahabad Bank India customer care

All Contacts Numbers of Allahabad Bank

  •  033 – 2242 – 0851 (3373/ 0863/ 0915) / 2242 0869 / 2210 3777 / 2242 0900 (0883/ 0912)

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